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REDMOL Negative Ion Air Purifier Anion Cleaner Household Oxygen Bar Purify Purification Machine-Purifier-Loluxe

REDMOL Negative Ion Air Purifier Anion Cleaner Household Oxygen Bar Purify Purification Machine

$71.79 USD
Description :  

REDMOL Negative Ion Air Purifier Anion Cleaner Household Oxygen BarRemoving Sterilize Bacteria Virus Formaldehyde

You don't konw that indoor air pollution is as much as 5 times outdoors. 64% bedroom is moderate and severe pollution.
Breathe dirthy air will bring you a variety of physical discomfortable and disease.

This Nagtive Ion Air Purifier gives out negative oxygen ion to purify and clean, so that bring us a high quality and healthy life envioronment,
which can be widely used to removing deodorization, dust, formaldehyde, second-hand smoke, sterilization, and other functions.

The Function of Negative Oxygen Ion :

Negative oxygen ion enters the body through respiratory tract, it can effectively improve the vital capacity of 5% - 20%,
and the discharge amount of carbon dioxide, which can be increased by 14.5%, so the negative oxygen ion has to improve and increase the role of lung function.

The release of negative oxygen ion can effectively improve the body's immune ability, regulate the body balance.
If we breathe in a suitable envioronment with amount of negative oxygen ion, it definitely is beneficial to your health, and makes you energetic.

At the same time, eliminate fatigue and tiredness, improve work efficiency, improve sleep quality, eliminate nervous breakdown.

Negative ions are generated by high pressure ionization, which will happen decomposition air negative oxygen ion 
and the pollutants in the air (secondhand smoke, dust, pollen, particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, chemical gas) are mostly with a positively charged ions,
such as negative ions is negatively charged oxygen ions, and its combination, make the pollutants in the air is inactive, landing on the ground.
Specification :

Type : Negative oxygen Ion
Color : Luxury gold & black
Rated voltage : AC 220V 50Hz Please notice that this product may not suitable to the North America countries~
                                             Please make sure your house have 220V power supply, thanks and best regards :) 
Power consumption : 5W
Air volume : 51-150m³/h
Anion density : > 6,000,000 Pcs/m³
Application area : 11-20㎡
Usage condition : Household
Size : 15 x 15 x 12.5cm
Certification : CB, CE, GS
Package Includes :  

1 x REDMOL Negative Ion Air Purifier
(Package in color retails gift box :)
Details Pictures :  

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