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S67 H-100 High-end Hutch Defends Deodorizer Ozonizer Air Purifier-Purifier-Loluxe

S67 H-100 High-end Hutch Defends Deodorizer Ozonizer Air Purifier

$46.79 USD
Description :  

S67 H-100 High-end Hutch Defends Deodorizer Sterilization Air Ozonizer And Purifier For Germicidal Filter Disinfection Clean Room Ozone Generator

Features :

This products are widely used for Toilet deodorant, Pet house daily disinfection, Room disinfection, Conference room, air purification in public places, 
The refrigerator removing the peculiar smell, Chest clothes sterilization mildew, Food Storage, New bedroom & furniture removing taste.

In addition to remove smoke and dust, it can also be used as formaldehyde sterilization oxygenase.
The machine features 24-hour timer cycle work, a switch to solve all the troubles.

1. Oxygen deodorant, environmental protection, clean, no secondary pollution. 
2. Ozone working time freely set 10-30 minutes for large and small spaces.
3. The cycle time is set to work freely 1-12 hours, for a variety of different environments.
4. Easy to use, can be configured to automatically work for a long time.
5. The switch automatically cycle, without manual operation, low power consumption 3.8W.
6. LED time indicator, clear and intuitive.
7. User-friendly design, intelligent control, in line with modern machine science.
8. Can be directly hung on the wall to save space, nice.
9. The product and packaging are compact, elegant and suitable for home and hotel environment and gifts to use.

How to use :

1. Hang it on the wall, please leave 1.2-2m range to the floor.
2. Power on the machine, it will auto start working. The default circulation time is 6 hours, ozone working time is 20 mins.
3. Press the circulation buttton, (1h 2h 6h 8h 12h adjustable), the indicator light will on.
4. Press the purification button, (10mins 20mins 30mins adjuustable), the indicator light will on. (Once you set up the time you want, it can work automatically every day)  
5. After you set up the machine, close the plastic cover. You can also press the "ON/OFF" button to stop.
Specification :

Ozone : 100mg/h 
Air volume : 51-150m³/h
Anion density  : >4000000pcs/m³
Application area : 21-30㎡
Power : 7W
Voltage : AC 220V 50Hz
Oxygen working time : 10-30 minutes
Auto smart digital cycle time : 1-12 hours 
Function : Deodorization & Purifier

Filter net type : Single mesh
Usage condition : Household
Installation : Portable
Product Size : 22 * 10.5 * 5 (cm)
Certification : CB, CE, GS, RoHS, UL, UR

Products function : 

1. Antibacterial sterilization, effectively kill more than 90% of the mold in the air and harmful bacteria such as E. coli.
2. Remove smoke, dust, remove peculiar smell, can produce a large number of negative oxygen ion to optimize air, indoor air fresh.

3. Using the principle of lightning discharge in nature, using air as raw materials, high frequency high voltage discharge to produce reactive oxygen species, increase oxygen intake, and flush out carbon dioxide.

4. Improve myocardial function, pulmonary function, eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism, alleviate symptoms of dizziness, keep a clear mind.

5. Broad-spectrum efficient ozone is reverted to essential oxygen, without secondary pollution, and the general air freshener mostly consists of deodorant, fungicide and fragrances, although not too big toxicity, but no benefit to the human body.

6. All intelligent control system, more in line with modern human science, higher efficiency and more cost-effectiveness ratio, by using the principle of the nature of lightning discharge, using air as raw materials, preparation of high frequency high voltage discharge ozone.
Package Includes :  

1 x S67 H-100 Hutch Defends Deodorizer Sterilization Ozonizer Air Purifier 
(Come with a mini adapter according to you country)
Comes in color retail box for you :)
Details Pictures :  

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